Diffusione innovazione Euris


We are aware of the significance and value of the projects we are are entrusted; through our work we can be an active part in achieving concrete goals of growth, sustainability, innovation, becoming the best allies of a company that wants to grow.
In this way we do our part for the benefit of businesses and the community.
We are a certified company in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, which carries the "Discipline of administrative responsibilities of legal persons, companies and associations, including those without of legal personality."

Diffusione innovazione Euris


Through a flexible approach to work and organization we always put expertise and experience first.
We strive to continuously increase the capabilities of the team and to systematize the experiences of individuals in order to to ensure the quality of consulting, including through work and periods of continuous training both internally and externally.

We are an ISO9001 certified company.

Diffusione innovazione Euris


We adopt, monitor and update the best procedures and technologies to ensure the confidentiality of the data and information we become aware of in the course of our work.
We are aware that confidentiality constitutes an indispensable to our clients and a distinctive element of the our way of operating, and is in fact one of the factors that clients recognize in a relationship that is rewarding on a professional level and correct on a personal level.

Our Team

Cinzia Targhetta ufficio gare di Euris

Cinzia Targhetta

Graduated in Political Science with an international focus. I am involved in the monitoring, management, and control of tenders with the goal of respecting deadlines and submitting proposals in a thorough way.
I do not like wasting time (those who have time do not wait for time!).
I support front-office functions and the general organisation of internal office activities.

Fabio Cardin

Project Manager and partner of Euris. Expert in strategic consulting for the development of investment projects for enterprises of all sizes.
After 30 years of experience in the field of financial grants, working with several business entities for the implementation and financing of industrial investment projects, R&D and innovation, internationalisation with companies from all sectors: industry, agriculture, tourism, trade, services, culture, social and environment.

Fabio Cardin progetti nazionale regionali di Euris

Nicola De Vincentiis

Graduate in green economy and sustainability. I consult on business investment projects.
I believe in the balance between profit and sustainability as the key to long-term business success. I am here to help companies become active participants in positive change toward greater sustainability.

Nicola De Vincentis presidente di Euris
Giulio Volpi ambiente Euris

Giulio Volpi

Agronomist, I have been in this field since the 1992 reform and so I am about to embark on my sixth community programming.
I am tenacious and do not give up (I have finished five marathons). This helps me to hold on during European project design phases.

Iris Terranova europrogettazione di Euris

Iris Terranova

With a degree in European and global studies, she has devoted her university career to the study of the European Union, embracing its values and policies.
European project design represents for her the possibility of building a future that is up to the challenges of the time.
Indeed, she believes it is up to citizens to transform European goals into concrete actions that promote knowledge, participation and sharing.

Leonardo Tullio

Passionate about the territorial-wide area initiatives promoted by public agencies. He follows the processes of change in economic systems and the innovations introduced in territorial governance.
The broad and diverse skills acquired in the field of agricultural sciences allow a clear interpretation of the current situation of rural territories and the actions to be promoted to achieve a concretely sustainable transition.

Leonardo Tullio sviluppo locale

Mauro Varotto

I work in the field of elaboration and management of programs, processes, and strategies for territorial and sectoral development, co-financed by the European Union, particularly in cohesion policy and research and technological development. I also carry out studies, research and legal advice in European Union law and policies.

Mauro Varotto progetti speciali di Euris
Nicolò Targhetta commerciale

Nicolò Targhetta

Inclined to get to know new people and businesses.
Because of these characteristics, from the beginning I found placement in the front office, providing clients with listening to needs and personalised advice.
Always open to dialogue and the generation of new initiatives.
Outside the office a dynamic family and a thousand passions await him.

Euris Valentina Legumi sviluppo locale

Valentina Legumi

Graduated with a master’s degree in economics and Development.
Engaged in the implementation of local economic development initiatives of complex territories. She explores with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a critical attitude multiple themes and topics.
Passionate about travel, with a desire to explore and visit new places all the time.
Personal motto ‘Ad Maiora Semper’

Roberta Filippi

I have seen our company borning, growing, preparing, and adapting continuously, responding to the needs of the market, economies and territories with an eye firmly focused on Europe.
Determined and consistent in monitoring administrative performance for stable and secure growth.

Roberta Filippi amministrazione Euris
Nicola De Vincentis presidente di Euris

Ruggero Targhetta

The development of a service company is based on the available human resources and a stimulating and proactive client base.
Young resources, supported by senior figures who have given us confidence, are our lifeblood that is enriched daily by success stories.
Valuing people in the company, in roles and training, is the precondition for providing quality and highly professional services to clients.

Stefano Toffanin

I passionately manage Euris and the market development area.
I supervise the growth and innovation projects of our clients, directing them to European opportunities, to give them answers and perspectives. Every project is a challenge worth winning and every program is a potential resource. What is important is to have innovative ideas to achieve important results.

Stefano Toffanin direttore operativo Euris

Michela Benedetti

A master's graduate in Law for Sustainable Technology and Innovation, she is passionate about the trait d'union that connects environment, technology and ethics, applied, in particular, to the fashion industry.
She believes that seizing the opportunities offered by European, national and local funding is crucial for businesses in order to follow their own inclinations, while still staying on "track" (of the market)

Michela Benedetti progetti speciali di Euris
Francesca Dalla Pozza

Francesca Dalla Pozza

A graduate in Comparative International Relations, I work on local development strategies.
Fascinated by European dynamics and policies and convinced that diversity is a challenge, but above all a great opportunity, I am proud to be able to contribute to the implementation of European values in different territorial contexts.

Internships and

EURIS has signed agreements with the Universities of Padua and Venice and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan for the acquisition of training credits through internships.

Students interested in doing an internship at Euris can send a simple request, enclosing a detailed curriculum vitae et studiorum and indicating the training area of interest.
The selection process is based on an interview.

Lavoro laureati Università Padova
Lavoro laureati Università Venezia
Lavoro laureati Università Cattolica


Euris promotes the entry of young recent graduates into the world of work through the professionalizing apprenticeship or trade contract, reserved for young people between the ages of 18 and 29. The contract has a duration of up to three years, during which EURIS is committed to guiding the newly hired young person through a gradual process of acquiring professionalism.

Applications should be submitted by sending a detailed curriculum vitae et studiorum and indicating the professional area of interest. Selection is made on the basis of an aptitude interview.


EURIS is constantly looking for high-profile professionals with specific and documented experience in areas such as research and innovation, territorial and local development, europlanning, and concessional finance.

It is always possible to contact the company directly, for an exploratory and confidential interview

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