Il metodo Euris


The relationship with the client is the starting point of any successful initiative. From this relationship arises the perception of the goals to be achieved and the needs to be met in terms of research, innovation, and sustainability. The choice of instruments to support the investments is based on a deep knowledge of European policies and programmes, from regional and national grants to the European level.
Along with a long-term vision, our method enables the client to plan investment by ensuring that the preparatory phase respects the timelines imposed by the calls for proposals.

Consulenza Euris

Rather than building a project around a grant opportunity, Euris explores the needs together with the client and agrees with him on the best methods to meet them.

Information on the calls is transferred to the client to encourage attention to the relevant aspects of the projects, stimulate concentration on the technical contents and enhance the elements that increase the chances of funding.
Thirty years of experience in project management allows us to be really effective in both project proposal preparation and post-grant management.

Euris guarantees to be a solid company with quality certification, an environmental commitment statement and an ethics code.

The team

A project manager directs all activities, ensuring that our targets of quality, confidentiality and punctuality are respected.

The Euris team makes its expertise and experience available on a day-by-day basis, strengthened by continuous training and cooperation among the staff for making available a qualified team.


How are we different from others?
We are able to:

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With comprehensive preparation and a panoramic view of current strategies and policies, we are able to contextualize needs in order to propose project initiatives consistent with European, national, and regional programming priorities.

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More than thirty years of experience assure us the confidence to coordinate complex projects, promoted by private or public entities, even with broad partnerships involving foreign organizations and national and European institutional interlocutors.

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The rich network of contacts and relationships gained over the years allows us to link expertise and be proactive in the creation of aggregations and consortia while respecting the principle of confidentiality that distinguishes the Society's "method."

How do we achieve this?
Through method

  • We listen to customers and analyse their needs
  • We share objectives by checking consistency with policies
  • We evaluate and share project ideas by contributing to their development
  • We identify the expertise and resources needed to implement projects
  • We write the project in relation to grant opportunities
  • We continuously monitor development and work steps